Possible Issues Caused by Fender Benders

Fender Benders do not sound like big issues. However, damage can actually be done to the vehicle unnoticed. Following are some examples:

Issues on Alignment

The car can be driven smoothly when the car is aligned properly. The tires can also wear evenly. With a fender bender, the alignment may become unbalanced, causing the vehicle to drift in one direction when driving. The driver may not be able to drive straight, and the tires can become damaged. This is because when the alignment is unbalanced, the tires will wear out faster and thus need to be changed. Without replacing the tires, tire blowouts can happen unexpectedly; this can prove to be hazardous. So don’t underestimate the possible damage that can happen from misalignment.

Transmission Problems

All-wheel drive vehicles can be very susceptible to damages in transmission. clunking, noisy sounds when slow acceleration is all indications of a damaged transmission. The metal pieces could break off the gears if the damage is not repaired, and if they get into the cooling system, irreparable damage will happen. So a damaged transmission needs to be attended quickly right after the accident in order to prevent further damages.

Engine Performance

The delicate and complex nature of modern car engines. Minor crashes can disrupt the components. When engine light turns on after a minor crash, it is better to take the vehicle to a mechanic for repair and check up.

Electrical System

Electrical system controls the functions of the vehicle. Power locks, windows, and the anti-theft system can be damaged easily in fender benders. if the battery connector is affected, the function of electrical components can become unpredictable and even battery life will be decreased.


An accident can cause hard to see damage to the frame of your vehicle. The deployment and functioning of the airbag in a crash will be impeded if the frame is damaged, even slightly. A twisted car frame will also weaken the ability for the frame to absorb impact in a serious accident. You may need the help of a mechanic to examine such invisible damages in the car frame.

Steering and Suspension Issues

The suspension can be disrupted by hitting a pothole, and so is the impact resulting from a fender bender. When the steering is off, you need to compensate the imbalance by turning and holding the steering wheel.

Exhaust Issues

One problem from impact from the rear is damage to the exhaust pipe. When the pipe is kinked or twisted from the regular shape, it will impede the ability of the vehicle to remove toxic fumes. Other issues such as poisonous fumes entering the cabin of a car, fire or reduced fuel economy will occur.

Dents and Scratches from Rust

A fender bender may leave some minor scratches to the car. While some car owners will ignore it, it could be the catalyst for rusting. Water and humidity can cause the scratches to rust slowly. These rust spots can go under the paint, and they can cause holes in the fasteners and body panels. Treat these scratches and dents in order to sustain and preserve the value of the vehicle for resale in future, if you have the intention of selling it.

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