The Differences and Advantages of Dolly and Flatbed Towing

Most people think that all tow trucks work the same way. This is not exactly right. When trying to get a vehicle towed, one can actually decide which towing method to utilize. For instance, one may choose flatbed towing or dolly towing. The good news is that neither method is complex, so you should be able to decide relatively easily. Below we will discuss some difference in both methods.

Dolly Towing

The dolly towing method is also known as the hook method. This unique towing device comprises of an axle, hitch and two wheels. When using a dolly towing trailer, the front end of the vehicle will be raised off from the ground. The two back tires will remain on the ground. Usually, this towing method is suitable for front-wheel drive automobiles or vehicles.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is considered as one of the safest methods in towing. As the name implies, it requires the use of a flatbed truck. The flatbed comes with a hydraulic system, which allows it to tilt downwards or upwards. When the bed is placed close to the ground, the vehicle can be attached to an anchor system or a winch and pulled slowed up to the back of the truck’s bed. The flatbed tow truck works very well for a wide range of vehicles, including motorcycles, automobiles, trucks or equipment.

Their Differences

While both forms of towing can be applied, there are some subtle distinctions. The main difference is the specific degree of safety and security. The flatbed tow truck is no doubt more superior in terms of safety and security compared to other towing methods. Flatbed tow trucks can transport the vehicle off from the ground surface. The dolly towing method, on the other hand, does not. It requires the rear-wheels to remain on the road. Thus, in comparison, flatbed towing has lesser to no risk of wear or and tear during the towing.

However, the dolly towing method does an advantage. It is a cheaper alternative. Thus, some companies will recommend using towing dollies for older vehicles. For exotic and luxury vehicles, it is generally best to use a flatbed truck.

Benefits Dolly Towing

Tow Dollies tend to be more cost-effective. Also, it is suitable for short distance towing. By using this method, the customer can spend less for a good tow.

Benefits Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is preferred in many situations. It is possible to tow almost all types of cars with it. In addition, the flatbed tow truck can keep the vehicle in good condition. You do not need to worry about your vehicle damaged during transportation. This is because the towed vehicle is not in contact with the ground. When you need long distance towing, this is the tow truck you are looking for.

When endeavoring to have your vehicle hauled, it is definitely relevant to make sure that you put in a decent amount to make the appropriate choice. Before calling for towing services, you should use some time researching the tow truck companies in your area. Inform them what you need, and they will suggest a suitable tow truck for the circumstance.

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